Monday Night Dinner Left-Over Tricks

As you know every Monday -I Make Dinner for Roy`s Guy Friends -who we call The LBC Wack Pack. It is always a lot of fun -but it is also Very Challenging. Roy & I are on a Budget - so I always go grocery shopping early Monday morning. I always get what is on Sale, use Coupons and use my Club Card -then figure out the menu once I get home. I am also Limited in my Menu creations. Some Guys will not eat anything containing a vegetable at all, some do not like certain spices, some do not like Olives, some do not like Mushrooms, some do not like white bread, some do not want their bread toasted, some only want their hot dog grilled -never boiled, some cannot eat dairy, some do not eat meat, some do not like pasta, some do not like rice -etc- etc. -and I have to take that into account because I cannot afford to have them throw out the food they do not eat, that is a waste of food that I cannot afford.
I learned to be limited on my experimental dishes, to keep it simple Home-cooking type meals, I never mix the veggies in the meal -to cook everything separate and let them mix it themselves. I end up with a lot of leftovers at times & gotta find ways to make the food interesting for the next few days.

This Monday I made a Crock Pot 1/2 Turkey -slow Cooked with Chicken Stock, Tons of Fresh Sliced Lemons, Onions, Garlic, Butter & Spices - Steamed Green Peas - White Cheddar Mac n Cheese -and Bakery Fresh Wheat French Bread.

Day 1 Leftovers = Indian Turkey: Plate of Peas, Mac n Cheese & Turkey with juices over it from Crock Pot (lemon/garlic/onions)-sprinkle Curry Powder, Garlic Powder, Turmeric, a dash of soy milk & hot Chili Sauce -Mix it all up & Warm it up in microwave.

Day 2 Leftovers = Ghetto Turkey Pot Pie: cover peas, mac n cheese, turkey with cream of mushroom soup, mushrooms and serve over a warm piece of the wheat french bread -kind of like a turkey-pot-pie.

Day 3 Leftovers = Asian Turkey Noodles: Turkey & Peas mixed in Top Ramien Noodles with Hot Chili Sauce.
....That's it for now -I`ll let ya know if & what the other left-overs will be.