Spontaneous Sweet & Sour Crock Pot Chicken

I was Craving Sweet & Sour Chicken so I decided to make some and this is what I decided to Throw together - YUMMM!

Put into Crock Pot:
Whole Chicken
Cut Up Oranges, put inside Chicken Cavity
a bottle of Sweet & Sour Sauce
a Big Splash of Lemon Juice
a Big Splash of Apple Juice
a few scoops of Guava Jelly
Chopped up Celery
Chopped up Carrots
Chopped up Cabbage
Chopped up Green Pepper
Chopped up Orange or Yellow Pepper
Big Can of Pineapple Chunks
Crushed Red Pepper - Sprinkle as much as you like
Few Shakes of Garlic Powder
Few Shakes of Ginger Powder
Few Shakes of Mint
Few Shakes of Celery Salt
A few Chopped up Leafs of Parsley

When it is Done Serve over a Bed of Brown Rice
Watch for the Bones!

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