My Homemade Anti-aging, Vitamin enriched, Moisturizing, fragrant Body Spray

I get an empty Spray Bottle - I spray several hard full sprays of my Favorite Cologne in the Empty Spray Bottle, then I put a couple Vitamin C Tablets in it, Squirt some Vitamin E Oil in it, Squirt some Vitamin A or Retinol in it, then fill the rest of the spray bottle with Very Warm or Hot Water to Dissolve and Mix Mixture Completely.
 Now I have an Anti-aging, Moisturizing, and Vitamin Enriched Fragrant Body Spray - Not Only Smells Great, but is Good for me as well for Cheap!!

Spinach Mac n Cheese

Mac n Cheese, Spinach, Parmesan Cheese, a Sprinkle of Red Pepper, a few dashes of Green Tabasco, Warmed & Mixed together, garnished with Sliced Tomatoes - OMG, So Yummmm!! Might try adding Bacon next time.